Thank You Volunteers

In the past year, particularly post-lockdown, our volunteers have been invaluable to the service. Our move to the Hub was successful thanks to our volunteers who quickly took to unpacking and allocating the empty spaces. Individuals took ownership of various parts of the hub and continue to look after their sections/roles.

When it came to decorating the hub, the volunteers stepped up and pulled together a list of items needed and then saw the job through to create the welcoming environment that we now have. We also have our unique painted window coming to life. Women coming to our hub will be invited to paint a section as a symbol of belonging to our NAWA Hub on the corner.

Another key role that the volunteers have supported with and continue to do is front desk duty. Volunteers have been working alongside staff in refuge accommodation by cleaning, painting and turning them around for the next admission. During lockdown the volunteers were dearly missed. They have been bringing ‘the buzz’ to the hub environment over the last few months.

Unfortunately, due to the current restrictions, our volunteers are unable to perform their usual duties. We hope to be able to allow one volunteer at a time into our hub once it is safe to do so in the future.

Things Volunteers Have Done:

  • Covered reception duty
  • Helped pack up old office
  • Unpacked and organised new Hub
  • Done presentations in schools
  • Hung up our pictures
  • Maintained PPE stock
  • Cleaned and prepared houses
  • Participated in recruitments process
  • Painted our window
  • Lots of shopping
  • Painted “touch up” in property
  • Organised clothes hub in refuge
  • Brought humour, enthusiasm and joy

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