We have refuges in secure locations across North Ayrshire.

Our properties are a mix of one, two and three bedroom homes, with only one of our properties housing self contained flats. All of our refuge accommodation is fully furnished and is inspected once a week to ensure a high standard of health and safety. The majority of our properties are monitored by external CCTV.

Your worker will undertake a risk assessment prior to deciding if you will move into refuge accommodation. The risk assessment is based on the CAADA Dash model which has been developed from extensive research into the risk factors associated with certain indicators in domestic abuse situations.

You will be provided with toiletries and cleaning supplies when you first move in. There are also toys for any children to play with.

Your worker will take into consideration a number of factors before offering refuge. These could include: are the areas we have available safe for you? Do you have any risk factors that could put yourself in danger? Does the perpetrator or their family live or frequent nearby? Do you or your children present any issues which may impact on other residents? Do you have recourse to public funds? Are there any other known risk factors which may impact on your support?

Going Into a Refuge

Your worker will go through the occupancy agreement with you and will show you around the refuge and the surrounding area. North Ayrshire Women’s Aid operates an on-call service for all of those who are residing in refuge. You will be provided with this when you arrive.

Refuge Rules

While living in refuge you will need to abide by some rules. These are:

  • No male visitors (this includes any male relatives over 18)
  • No non-prescribed drugs in or used in a refuge
  • No dangerous misuse of alcohol
  • The refuge address must be kept confidential
  • No violence/abuse towards other residents, workers or neighbours.

Leaving Refuge

When you move into your own tenancy after living in a refuge we will continue to provide support to help you settle into your new property. This could include helping to source furniture for your new home, helping to set up your utilities, or any other practical support as well as continued emotional support.

Housing Benefit

There is a weekly charge during your stay in refuge. You may be eligible for full Housing Benefit; this however would depend on your individual circumstances and whether you are in receipt of any benefits. This would include; Income support, Job seekers Allowance, Universal Credit and Employment Support Allowance. If you are employed, the amount of rent you would be responsible for would be calculated by the Housing Benefit office within North Ayrshire Council and you would be obliged to pay the shortfall towards your housing benefit.

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